How-to: Check my CPU temperature

You can check your CPU temperature in two different ways:


Refer to your Motherboard manual to see which button you need to use in order to access BIOS.

The BIOS screen will look like the one below*:

*Please note that the BIOS might look a bit different from the one below as it's different from manufacturer to models.

Usually, the CPU temperature is located on the front page.

To exit BIOS, Press F10 and then “Save and Exit”.

Third-party software

You can also check your CPU temperature with the use of a third-party software.

The one displayed in this article is HWmonitor by CPUID. 

If you press the hyperlink above you will be directed to the download page for the program; once installed, it will look like this: 

Under AMD Ryzen 7 2700x (if you have another CPU, it will be under it's name) you can see the "Temperatures":

  • "Value" is the current value 
  • "Min" shows the minimum degrees since you started the program
  • "Maximum" shows the maximum degrees since you started the program.

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